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The Caliber Group is a strategic alliance of 4 commercial business entities in collaboration with several important spanish real estate developers.

Caliber Real Estate: Takes care of the extensive spanish property portfolio
Caliber Solutions: Takes care of the exclusive off-plan commercialization
Caliber Investments: Takes care of all the spanish real estate investments
Caliber Capital (AM): Takes care of the spanish real estate asset funds

Our extensive experience in Spanish real estate, gives us the ability to help property developers, by means of exclusive commercialization, the sale of their entire developments. We also offer smart, value-enhancing solutions that incorporate new technology applications and innovative sustainability programs. By efficiently managing the day-to-day marketing and sales operations, we assure a higher sales volume and increase the net operating income of our collaborating developers.


The Caliber Group is a full-service residential, commercial and investment real estate firm that focuses on creating value through intelligent property acquisition and manage income generating real estate assets.

Based in Spain (Costa Blanca) since 1999, the company is committed to maximizing the value of Spanish real estate assets through increased revenue and more efficient operations. The Caliber Group consistently delivers thoughtful, tailored real estate solutions and leasing programs to increase net operating income and improve asset value.

The Caliber Group also offers investors the opportunity to purchase shares in real estate investments and becoming a partial owner of the property. Besides receiving a high yearly dividend, the investor also has the option to make use of the property during his participation in the asset fund.